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Slave Free Nation

Posted Monday, September 26, 2011, at 7:35 PM

Years at sea, that was for me, sometimes where no one could see, deep in the heart of God's great Sea, to wonder how great He might be. Slaves children, as me, constrained in the sea, worked together, for we were all Free. When injured blood flowed red as can be, no matter the skin, which is very thin, each other as important as I am to me. Hallelujah. AMEN Jesus, my Captain, and my Helmsman...I'm Safe.
Slave Free Nation
By Arley Steinhour 092611

Father God,
You gave this land, home of the Free,
to all of us, with no guarantee,
You blessed us all with much success,
to make a mansion, or horrid mess.

It took a while, to break subjugation,
We did, to build a Freedom Nation.
But, what to find amongst our Blessed,
Slavery had encroached our nest;

so, once again, we had a war,
to release ourselves from the Salver Whore;
Two hundred years, or even more,
It took us to lock shut that door.

Another century passed right by,
before they had rights like you and I;
Now that we're equal, I won't lie,
Slaves still slaves, we need hear the cry.

Oh, not at home, where we beat the odds,
To other lands, where slaves are like clods;
Everywhere, if you take a look,
So many, they'd fill more than one large book.

No one notices the world at large,
Just so long as we receive no charge.
Your judgment soon will fall on us,
Like a heavy weight, or perhaps a Bus;

As we neglect our brothers and sisters,
Remove your Grace, so we obtain great blisters.
We need to turn our hearts around,
Returning to your hallowed ground;

Look around, dear folks, you will see,
Homeless people needing you and me.
No matter the color of their skin,
Their destitute, and next of kin.

Dear God, please lead us to do the Right,
So we can help others, give the good fight;
So you will smile once again on us,
And not deliver an unwanted Bus.

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