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Worship and Love

Posted Friday, September 23, 2011, at 8:25 PM

and, Jesus said (I paraphrase): 'When you come to me, like one of these, I'm yours, your mine, on bended knees; So keep the faith, Salvation through Grace, Stay True to me, and Win the Race.'
Worship and Love

By Arley Steinhour 092311

Dear Father God, we love you,

Love you with all our heart,

No matter what we call you,

We're yours, never more to part.

Your will is being done today,

just as it has always been,

Looking at it any way,

You see us through thick or thin.

We worship you while on our face,

and sometimes on the run,

You know our hearts, as we stand in place,

Be it trauma or ecstatic fun.

Your timing is so critical,

You love thick and pure as cream,

You lift our hearts from as if our Pal

Or Father, with us your family stream.

We flow red hot, to mold well made,

To be what you desire,

Need we climb mountain, or river wade,

We have no calling, any higher.

Please help us all to understand,

Your will is all we need do,

As we travel through this mortal land,

In the sky, or on Ocean blue.

We turn our hearts to you, Oh God,

We lift our Praise to the sky,

Like slave, or horses, all well shod,

We're the Apple of your Eye.


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