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Gods One Error

Posted Thursday, September 22, 2011, at 5:25 PM

Where God's problems all began, where He made a man and wife, Ever since He did that, the world's been full of strife. He gave us skill to set hate aside, and fill our hearts with Love, Such a plan God has for us, He even joined us on earth from above. (We continue to fail, self and Him).
Gods One Error
By Arley Steinhour 092211

'We want to be a nation,' the Palestinians say,
Refuse to act as is written down,

A nation one should be, and be to stay,
'We want to ruin Israel, and wear a golden crown.'

'Islam demands respect, from all,
(From them the Right to Exist),
Israeli to be stood against a wall,
Their memory, to never be missed.'

If Israel, no longer be there,
They'd then own much more land,
(Muslim land now, no more to share),
Killing Christians, they have planed.

Sharia law for One and All,
Especially for the Demmi hoard
Never more they feel, can Islam fall,
Peaceful hearts, are empty, as a gourd.

Women, only good, as slave, and for sex,
Children taught to explode and die,
There'd still be other Muslim Sects,
To war with, for Jihad Cry.

Western Christian, soon gone to stay,
Ma'adi ruling all the land,
Hindi, Buddha, also killed away,
None left to till ground, is planned.

Before long, will be, no more war,
No fighting between the clans,
No one left to open a door,
Just empty jars and cans.

As only God can figure,
The Last two, to be alive,
Blindly pull the trigger,
No one does survive.

God looks down, and shakes His head,
He'd made an error, designing man,
If He'd given life to rocks, instead,
He'd have had a 'Rock Solid Plan.'

Too late, it seems, to save mankind,
Hatred ingrained, does rule the day,
Skill to kill be all He can find;
Dejected, God will no longer play.

The nothingness, that once held space,

The orbs that flew around,

No longer have a Godly place,

Where his 'Adam' once did abound.


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