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Truth and Consequences

Posted Wednesday, September 21, 2011, at 7:16 PM

On stage Apocalyptic actors, highlight stage plus South and East, proves to be the stomping grounds, of Satanic End-Times 'Beast.' Western culture don't know how much, our prophets messed it up, Prepared to dine on unclean plate, and drink from Drunkard's cup.
Truth and Consequences

By Arley Steinhour 092111

I watched a video, today,

That left my eyes in tears,

A teaching where God turns away

To focus only on those of ancient years.

The nations of the BC times,

Do play a 'Last Day's' game,

Not one Christian nation rhymes,

With ancient, or modern name.

The teaching is convincing,

Book, Chapter, Verse, read well,

My lips were numb with pinching,

My fists had begun to swell.

What it boils down to

Our Western thought is wrong,

Jew and Christian Faithful

Forced to hear Muslim's hostile song.

Hatred of all Israeli

Christian also, too,

Satan has a payday,

Killing more than a few.

According to the teacher,

It's clear as it can be,

Put away the Western thought,

Think Eastern, and you see;

All the players fall in line,

The old names change to new,

Country after country fits,

Tribulation fits like a shoe.

One thing the teacher does see,

That agrees with Prophecy,

False god looses, our God Wins,

For them, Torment, Eternally.

Two Thousand years of being wrong,

Without Truth obtaining space,

Singing in error, off key song

Puts one in prayer-closet place.

I'll spend much time in your word,

To see where we went wrong,

Right or Wrong, when I find it,

I'll Praise you with Heart-filled song.

I ask you for your guidance, Lord

I need it portion doubled,

To understand and know your heart,

So my heart is no longer troubled.


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