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Part of the Story

Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2011, at 10:49 AM

> When God was but a child of twelve, <> How hard it must have been, <> to experience His mortality, <> without giving sway to sin. < Stories say He killed a man, Shrunk an arm or two; <> Extra Biblical writings, be Satan's lies, to me and you. <
Unlike Paul Harvey's 'Rest of the Story,' I offer only 'Part.'
The reason is I'm mortal, and have but a mortal sized heart.
I couldn't hold the 'Story,' no matter how I try,
The Jesus story, is so big, it reaches past the sky.
Hope you like it:

Part of the Story
By Arley Steinhour 092011

There is a God who came to Earth,
to walk among mankind
Came like all, at day of Birth
Prophet Promise here to find.

Two doves, the Dedication Payment,
The family was quite poor,
Wise-men honors, not yet rent,
Name and Blessing soon known and more.

Soon, danger filled the morning,
The King did seek his life,
'Off to Egypt,' Angel's warning,
'I'll call, when there's much less strife.'

The Magi gifts, helped Joseph pay the way,
As they lived safe in Egypt land;
Tools in hand wood-working, receiving daily pay,
Until the Angel called home the Godly band.

Not much is taught about his life,
This Jesus, grew, and learned;
At age of twelve, at Temple, lost,
Did teach the Priests, they learned.

Famous words were uttered there,
on Temple steps, His words did shout,
Joseph and Mary queried Him to share,
'His Father's business He'd been about.'

From that magic moment,
Not much more is read;
Cousin John baptizing,
Jesus comes, the living bread.

Temptation faced, defeated,
Satan cringed away in shame,
Jesus formed his Apostolic group,
to implant His Godly Name.

I do not tell you anything,
You didn't already know;
I simply came to praise his name,
Soon, so soon, He Locks Satan far below.


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-- Posted by Brian Hoag on Tue, Sep 20, 2011, at 3:33 PM

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