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Ten Years a Billion Tears

Posted Friday, September 9, 2011, at 3:08 PM

I fly this photo, as I do my flag, with pride in my U.S.A. In the hopes that God comes very soon, and takes we Christians, all away. He doesn't do it for what we've done, Oh, no, we wouldn't qualify; He does it to Show Israel jealous enough, to accept Messiah, Jesus, who they did slay. Takes Seven years, but Jesus wins the day, when Jew and Gentile, in one Heaven, Eternally may Play. AMEN
Ten Years a Billion Tears

By Arley Steinhour 090911

Ten years ago, I woke up late,

I had no place to go;

Thought I'd catch a news update,

Like a flood, the news did flow.

They spoke about an accident,

Tower One had just been struck,

Hole in building, poring flame unspent,

Many lives had run out of luck.

Fire trucks, Police cars, sirens wailing

Halted below the carnage in the sky;

In the building dash responders hailing

Come this way, aiding injured on the fly.

Then movement closing on Tower Two,

Another killer accident??

Slowly dawning on their minds,

This is done with murderous intent!

Focused in on South Tower,

Flying lower to the ground,

Plane two, plowed into Tower two

Flame erupted all around.

Not only here, but in D.C.

Plane crashed into Pentagon,

Then the story of Flight Ninety-Three

Confirmed our World was up-side-down.

So many Ode's to Heroic acts,

These words couldn't make a dent,

Some tales have twisted many facts,

The Evil in hearts, just will not repent.

Remember that a way of life

caused hatred to take these souls;

Hero's can only lose one life,

While cowards live in Holes.


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