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Our WalMart Angel

Posted Monday, September 5, 2011, at 3:28 PM

I don't have a photo that depicts Singing Praise in WalMart, so I chose one that may send joy to fill with love, your heart. I believe Heavens flowers may well be much like these, except there isn't one up there, that will make you sneeze. AMEN
Offered by permission, a Praise to lift your heart, today,
Singing Praises, while you Shop, There is no better Way.

Our WalMart Angel
By: Rita Broden

(This is a true account!)

We've got someone special at our WalMart!
He's very bold in his love for the Lord!
One day - only a few months ago -
From his mouth "How Great Thou Art" poured

Contagious it was, that song that he sang
I found myself joining his praise
He sang melody - I sang harmony
And even my hands I did raise

The song came too soon to its ending
We said 'Bye' and I went down the aisle
Then coming back up from the next one
I heard something that brought a huge smile!

Five more people had joined him in song!
A spark caused a fire to roar!
I had visions of heavenly choirs
Singing praises to God evermore!

Our angel, well, he rides a bicycle now
With a basket to peddle fresh bread
Wearing a smile, songs of praise still pour forth
He sings life among those walking dead

Not everyone sings with our angel
But, I do! And I did yesterday!
Him singing melody - me singing harmony
We sang the song, "I'll fly away"!!

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