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To CRY or Not to CRY

Posted Sunday, September 4, 2011, at 4:10 PM

No Threat, only Fact, There is only two ways to go, Perdition or to Heavn, You choose, and He will know.
To CRY or Not to CRY

By Arley Steinhour 090411

Why do I set here filled with sorrow,

When I know where I will go,

He's coming, one soon tomorrow,

To take us through the Rapture show.

We should be dancing in the street,

With so little time to go,

Yet, hearts are heavy, incomplete,

For those that miss the show.

The Bible doesn't say straight out,

'Salvation also flies that day,'

As Rapture turns things round-a-bout,

Works through Faith, then pays the play.

They that survive the Seven,

Without 'Mark of the Beast,'

Faithfully can work their way to Heaven,

But must forego the Wedding Feast.

A Thousand years He'll Rule on Earth,

To clean man's Dross filled heart,

Under Iron Rod, they'll stoke the hearth,

For when Tares and Wheat forever part.

We know that Satan is released,

One last time for him to lie and try,

Condemned, forever, Time is ceased,

Eternal then, be God's Blue Sky.

Events, today, are happening,

Faster than we can blink an eye,

Believers, up in Heaven, sing,

Never more, in Heaven, hear another cry.

Please ponder what I'm saying,

Give your heart to Christ the King,

Or else forever be paying,

While those who did, forever Sing.


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