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Posted Sunday, September 4, 2011, at 12:29 PM

May what the passengers of Flt 93 did that day be the standard to be met, as they did; the same standard stated by Jesus: "No one shows greater love than when he lays down his life for his friends." Flight 93 Hero's saved many 'Friends.'
Flight 93
By: Arley W. Steinhour 2002

You wake up in the morning
an ordinary Joe;
preparing for the routine of
a young man on the go.

Shower, shave, and brush your teeth,
you pack your bag to leave;
kiss your wife and kids goodbye,
brush talcum from your sleeve.

The taxi ride is routine,
to where you'll go aloft;
as sun is lighting up the sky,
where clouds are white and soft.

You feel the plane lift off the ground,
and preflight jitters fade;
Great wife, kids, and job you think,
'I really have it made.'

Minutes into flight time,
you get the dreaded news;
five hijackers, they be haters,
of our Christians and Jews.

The message from the bad guys is,
"Be smart, against us not a hand";
You know that throughout history,
they'll just fly somewhere and land.

They'll rant and rave excessively,
and ransom they'll demand;
or call for the release from jail
some members of their band.

Your nervousness is soon replaced
with total abject fear;
As flight crew and the pilot
are pushed roughly to the rear.

The pilot says that something's wrong,
the plane a bad guy now will fly;
and if he doesn't do it right,
then everyone will die.

The cell phone in your pocket,
is handy and might work;
you call your wife to tell her
you've been hijacked by a jerk.

She tells you with a deep concern,
Twin Towers have been struck;
and then you know beyond a doubt,
you've all ran out of luck.

The plane is going Southeast,
D.C. is on that track;
the aircraft is a weapon;
You have to take it back.

The plane has over fifty souls,
D.C. has thousands more;
the choice is simply who must die
from this heinous act of war.

You tell your wife you love her,
but you have a job to do;
you're going to take the airplane back,
and subdue this crazy few.

You tell her that you may not live,
as something may go wrong;
these people don't want money,
they want to kill our freedom song.

The last words that your wife will hear
brands freedoms corporate soul;
the battle cry, no better made,
than what you said: "Let's Roll."

A spectator you no longer are,
your hearts hear drum and fife;
as something must be done, and quick,
to save more innocent life.

Into freedoms history,
and shirking not your charge;
Bad guys lose, good guys win,
the price is very large.

You brought us all together,
that very fateful day;
the standard raised for "Patriot,"
you few have set this way.

Rest well you friends of country,
God bless, and keep your souls;
for patriots die only once;
cowards live in holes!


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Well said! I will not be watching any tributes to 9/11 as I still find it much too painful. Thanks again for what you say for us!

-- Posted by fred2 on Tue, Sep 6, 2011, at 11:16 PM

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