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Posted Saturday, September 3, 2011, at 6:32 PM

With noses flared in calm debate, on how life on earth should live, The good folk on the other side, have one thing for sure to give; They yell and scream at everyone that they don't want to live; Treating every 'NON-' they curse, just like an old 'sows ear purse.' Loving everyone they see, until for you, someone calls a hearse.
Holy Nose Win

By Arley Steinhour 090311

Lord God I come before you,

Prostrate, on my face,

You know that you do own a zoo,

If not, you'd better brace.

Insanity rules everywhere,

Few People left with active brain,

Impossible a thought to share,

Attempts do return much pain.

I know you know all that I speak,

I watch for gathering storm;

The stench of death in news, each week,

All events brings a greater worm.

Soon, it seems, the enemy of all

Will cross that invisible line,

Start the war that causes their fall,

Ezekiel thirty eight and thirty nine.

Israel doesn't yet understand,

Your focus is totally on them,

The shock they feel, then comprehend,

The Church is Snatched away, Ahem!

All alone, without a friend,

Jealousy, invoked at last

Last is First, First around the bend

Chosen People live in the past.

Waking up to Salvation Man,

Destroys many on the way,

Satan thinks He's won many a Fan,

Until his judgment day.

Trap is sprung, and Satan falls

Into Abyss, he goes,

A Thousand years where no one calls,

Jesus wins all, by a Holy Nose.


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