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Submit to Jesus

Posted Sunday, August 28, 2011, at 6:47 PM

The day is coming, no one need miss, the day that the Bride goes away; Bridegroom arriving, snatching us up, there with Him, where He is, we stay. AMEN
Submit to Jesus
By Arley Steinhour 082811

The Rapture is coming, yet, won't make a dent,

In the pockets of the grabbers, who 'don't pay rent;'

All will go on as it was yesterday,

Unless something dissolves one's 'ability to pay.'

Shock of shocks, Jesus will come for His Bride,

The mouths of dissenter's, will hang open wide.

We cry out to all, to repent sinful deeds,

Few will listen, to what our God needs;

When called, He quickly moves into the heart,

Adopting and cleaning, like new, from the start.

He hangs out His Shingle, and you are in business,

Guiding and teaching to promote blessedness.

Blessedness, like what He places in you,

Others can have, more than a few.

Those who submit, to God, The Son,

Are blessed and Adopted, every one.

Life experience, may not change and be fun,

Suffering goes on, till the last heart is won.

Know this, however, the time is so near,

Joy should be ringing, with singing so clear.

Please look to Jesus, He's standing close by,

To snatch up His Bride, and dry tear stained eye.


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