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Tare of Frustration

Posted Friday, August 26, 2011, at 12:53 PM

God put His Bow, into the Sky, That, Never again, a Deluge of Water, Make all living creatures Drown and Die, Last Extinction, will be much Hotter.
Tare of Frustration
By Arley Steinhour 082611

Frustration does attack the heart,
So, we complain to you;
'Satan controls this world, in most part,
Knowing his end-time is due.

Insanity does seem to reign,
Good deeds be very few,
Events are loaded up with pain,
But, in the darkness, we still feel you.

The season is upon us,
All 'Stoppers' set aside;
Evil seems so pompous,
Most Christians want to hide.

Many feel Travail-frustration-hell,
And truly want so much to scream,
Your mortality, then, must ring the Bell,
What you suffered, makes ours naught but cream.

Your perfect life, mandated,
So you'd meet Redemption Price,
Frustrated?, we should be 'Elated,'
Praise to you, not once, but thrice.

You're standing right beside us,
As Tribulation does come on,
Satan's turn for 'Earthly-Circus,'
Tare's weeded, for Millennial Dawn.

With this understanding known,
Frustration flees far away,
Final dross becomes unknown,
To dawn, soon, Your Eternal Day.


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