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Waiting Line Blues

Posted Thursday, August 25, 2011, at 3:37 PM

Sneak preview of the Soon to Fly-by 'Gate-Snathicizer,' disguised to look like a spy-plane (as I don't have a recent photo of Jesus).
Waiting Line Blues
By Arley Steinhour 082511

In line waiting, in the waiting line,
I've been here for a while,
Folks around, having a gala time,
Not even standing single file.

I look about, at the other folk,
I do that often, now,
Those not in line think we are a joke,
And should be behind a plow.

Not many new folk join our crowd,
Some days a few walk away,
Address speakers, very loud,
Reporting, 'There is some delay.'

Departure time, they're just not sure,
I hear sniggering behind the mike,
They think we're sick, without a cure,
Not flying, we should take a hike.

The louder the speakers orate,
The rowdier, non-waiting-line crowd,
Hoots and chides don't dissipate,
Some of us start to pray out loud.

The stanchions, many, where we wait,
So many not yet in use,
There's room for everyone coming late,
Most have a lame excuse.

The thing most folk don't realize,
The 'Ride' don't even need land,
A new tool called 'Gate-Snatchicize,'
We're gone, before the lift of a hand.

Waiting area, will have new designation,
Just as soon as we are gone;
Folks waiting for Judgment condemnation,
To Lake of Fire, before too long.

Satan's lies have infiltrated,
Many Churches, and the Press,
Folks find the truth, belated,
After losing their Heaven Dress.

The time is oh-so-very short,
To turn the heart to Jesus,
Once tried, there is no other court,
Even Satan can't do as he pleases.


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