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Bag of Beans

Posted Monday, August 22, 2011, at 2:16 PM

In the bag, we be but beans, yet, at His Table we dine like Kings. His Wedding contract, sign on the line, Forever His, Bride of Royal Line. AMEN

By Arley Steinhour 082211

God made up this world, like a Sack of Beans,

That mankind represents;

Most are good, others be 'Mean-machines,'

But some have been Presidents.

Every kind of Bean is found within the Sack,

Sort of like this World of ours,

Yellow, Brown, White, Green or Black,

We all still look at the stars.

Some places, we call countries,

Demand a purity of Nation;

Pollution of color irregularities,

Can change one's Social station.

It matters not, the skill one offers,

Or they stand in honor, true;

Pigment rejected by the Scoffers,

Can put stigma on me or you.

God doesn't like separation,

or those who hate for naught;

He loves all, in every Nation,

On the Cross, we all were bought.

Redemption has a stipulation,

Like with Adam, Only One,

Accept Him, No reservation,

And be Eternally His Son.

Those who accept His offer,

Are Holy Spirit filled within;

Never answering to the Scoffer,

Justified by God, NO SIN.


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