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Learning Days Without End

Posted Sunday, August 21, 2011, at 2:27 PM

A person who don't stretch their mind, may say "Why didn't I think of that?" The person who learned as much as possible, may daily enjoy the view. It's up to you, how far you go. How Far do you want your Education to Help You Go?? Your choice, 'Energy Required,' to climb the mountain.
Learning Days Without End

By Arley Steinhour 081911

The School Year has begun anew,

Day time now does change;

Summer days were oh so few,

PC, Texting, Restricted sure is strange.

The common goal, is to 'Graduate,'

Freedom calls strong upon the heart;

Put away the books and writing slate,

Grown up Adult, be the favorite part.

Please open up your minds so clean,

Learn the lessons, as future dream;

From learning you no longer can wean,

Knowledge grows too fast, like white hot steam.

Some think there is no reason learning,

Computers do all they cannot;

Waste not the midnight oil burning,

When there's parties to be fought.

'Ennui' is what most folk become,

No 'Smarts' to save their day;

Singing and dancing, and eating a crumb,

Government determines their pay.

Those who learn well, shall excel,

in jobs with best of pay;

Some, venture in proprietorship,

To build on Free enterprise way.

Learn to think, Learn to Learn,

The mind is a wondrous tool;

Knowledge grows fast, no time to burn,

Fall behind, and look much the fool.

Learning don't stop once you 'graduate,'

Learn now, or after it is too late;

Each day of your life, add to Cranium Slate,

Mature with learning mind; be not the fool.


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