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Warning and Promise

Posted Saturday, August 13, 2011, at 10:35 AM

The Sin that man commits on earth, this monster eats as food, as it tries to lure us away from God, so Satan can have the 'Upper Berth.' 1. Seven Heads, Ten Horns, Seven Years, or 2. Ten Commandments, Eternal Bliss: Choose of the two, but, Choose Wisely.
Warning and Promise
By Arley Steinhour 081311

The first thing that I uttered,
On this day our God has made,
Cristal-clear, not muttered,
'How much more of this hand must be played?'

With People hating, Unthworted ,
Strife heaping daily, on Strife,
Unborn, without thought, aborted,
So Few allowed, a New-Human-Life.

Adultery, theft, and fornication,
Social standards allowed by all,
Abomination, the accepted station,
Cup-filled, sets up man to FALL.

The Path to life has a bright light,
bearing down on one and all,
At His arrival, most will fight,
Some, marked by God, Stand Tall.

Tribulation hammers, upon our Door,
Pestilence and War increasing, worldwide,
The Earth, quakes and shakes, shore to shore,
Most people, in panic, attempt to hide.

Our leaders, all, lie to us,
"Problems we can't seem to repair,"
Many, happily climb onto that bus,
Those, of us, in Christ, cry in despair.

Satan truly thinks he's winning,
With immoral Law's being passed,
Abominations and open sinning,
We, in Christ, know 'that won't last.'

Christians now still do 'restraining,'
With Holy Spirit, to hold the line, our part;
Soon, Snatched up and away, for a wedding,
Before God we stand, nevermore to depart.

This wisdom offered, would pages fill,
Story in God's Bible Coffer,
"Turn to Jesus, if you will,"
No One has a better OFFER.


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I'm with you Arley, this world is a mess! And how much more will we have to endure before God will say "enough"!

-- Posted by fred2 on Tue, Aug 16, 2011, at 9:00 AM

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