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Our Family Tree

Posted Sunday, August 7, 2011, at 4:00 PM

When Jesus took our Sin along with him, and hung upon the Tree, we no longer need be blood relation to be each other's Family. AMEN
I just received this poem, from a Christian sister, and received permission from her to share. You won't know any of the cited folk, until in Heaven we're all standing there. So, look for the love, and feel the mood, Revel in Jesus, and enjoy this Spiritual Food.

Our Family Tree

By Rita Broden

One of you out there

Once challenged me!

A race you had challenged -

To our Family Tree

A poem had been started

That day in my mind

I'm ready to share it now -

If you don't mind

I sat and imagined

How Heaven would be

Living with Jesus

For e-ter-ni-ty

Singing His praises

Never to end

Walking beside Him

Our 'bestest' of friends

Staring in wonder

I then glanced around

And just what do you think

That it was that I found?

There you all were!

No! We'd not met on earth

But because we knew Jesus

And because of new birth

We'd all become family

Through our Lord's sacrifice

All for us did He do this

For us HE paid the price

And the funny thing is

That I knew each of you!

And it was through your poetry

This knowledge grew

Wendell was there

With psalms pouring forth!

They echoed eternally

West, East, South, and North

Cindy was sitting

With children around

They were laughing and singing

Praises sooooo did abound

At first Porter sought out

A Harley to ride

But found greater thrill still

Walking by Jesus' side

And there was Doreen!

No more struggling with pain!

Set free from disease

She now danced and now sang!

Joy and Helene

Walked tall and were strong!

And Gerry'd recovered

From a road tough and long

Then I saw Tom

Leading thousands in praise

His family beside him

Their hands all upraised

Because Arley found humor

In most everything

He was appointed Court Jester

For our Savior and King!

(Said in love, Arley! Said in love!)

As I looked further


There was Marie

With her new pair of eyes!

And Chris, there you were!

Snatched from satan's dark lair!

God's Light shined through darkness!

His great love brought you there!

Then I saw Eve, Phillip,

Gene, Roy, - Ricky too!

Odeniyi! There you are!

It's so good to meet you!

What a joyous reunion

We'll all have someday!

And, until we meet there,

In my prayers you'll all stay

And the race I was challenged to?

Well, it all stands to rhyme!

We all got to the finish line

At the same time!

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