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Night Flight What a Sight

Posted Saturday, August 6, 2011, at 10:58 PM

Up in the Air, Is it a Bird, a Plane, an upside-down rice bowl with landing lights? No, it is our friendly Nephalim, sneaking in the back Spiritual Door, or so they think. Time for a little OFU blathering about UFO's, or,,, NOT.
Night Flight What a Sight
By Arley Steinhour 080611

Gary Stearman's August article
In Prophecy in the News
Caused me a mental debacle
That could cause National Blues

Barney and Betty, name of Hill
September, Nineteen Sixty One
Took a drive up to Quebec City
For some Vacation Fun

Returning home through New Hampshire
Enjoying crispness of the night
Saw an unidentified object fly by
Filling up their hearts with fright

Arriving home, they had lost some time,
Without memory of the drive,
Thinking they both felt just fine
They forgot till later in their lives

The story made the papers
Most made them look like fools
No one believed in abduction capers
So their story broke all the rules.

Today, I'm reading Gary's article
Which included the Hill event
When the light went on in Echo Chamber
With 'What-If' thoughts to vent.

Yesterday, the President did celebrate
His Birthday, number Fifty
I remember that the Hill event
Was about that old, so nifty.

Sure enough, the year Hill's were abducted
Was born Berry Obama, father's name
We can't prove where the Hills were conducted
Nor prove from where Obama came.

Barney was a Black man
Betty's heritage was White
Just like the folks of Baby Obama
Perhaps the Prez was born in flight?

Ah, yes, the secret is not out
Obama is not an Alien genetic clone
Good thing my thoughts don't have no clout
Or I'd disappear, and never be seen again, alone

The lighter side of imagination
Is the jokes it play's on the mind
At least I didn't have him born
South of a North bound horses' 'Left Behind.'

I don't know where the Prez came from
Nor where the Hill family went
Not sure I should have shared this
So I leave it, as my Political Vent.

The Alien's Earthly visitation
Coming up real soon
Is more than likely Anti-Christian
And as Cheesy as a 'Blue' Moon.


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