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Old Blue's Eternal News

Posted Thursday, August 4, 2011, at 4:30 PM

In the Fathers House are many mansions, much much better than this. Yeee-Haaa!!! and AMEN
In 1952, or there about, I listened to a record that played this first part lyrics. I don't remember the name, for sure, but it had to do with a Hobo ballad, passing through life and the world (I was 10 or 11). I couldn't afford the record, so went back to the store for a couple of day, so I could play the platter in the booth, and memorize it. I have been singing that lilt for over sixty years, now. For many decades, I have wanted to add a lyric to that song, and today, I offer the second part, in my authorship. I hope there isn't any law against adding words to an ancient tune (if so, I will be in jail with a lot of rich entertainers). (^8 What I say here may not mean much to your heart, but the lyrics I finally have placed, does for mine. Hope you enjoy (read it in 'Slow Blues' rhythm). (PS: the song was not a hit, but with me, I think...too bad)

Old Blues, Eternal News

By Arley Steinhour 080411

I Walk by a house with a window lighted up

Looking pretty as a Christmas Tree

And I say to myself, as I walk by myself,

Everybody has a home but me.

I walk by a house, with the moon upon the porch

and a girl, upon her fellow's knee

and I say to myself, as I walk by myself,

Everybody has a home but me. )^8

I am free, and I'm happy to be free,

To be free, is the way I want to be;

But, once in a while, when I'm feeling kind of low

and there's no one there to disagree

I say to myself, as I walk by myself,

Won't there ever be a home for me; Somewhere?

Won't there ever be a home for me?

Then (my part)

I walked by a Church, with sweet music flowing out,

Doors wide open, even I could see,

Happy people deep inside, their arms all opened wide,

and my heart felt they did beckon me.

Like a beggar I crept in, didn't want to cause a din,

My heart was filled with lonely pain;

Worship filled my lonely ear, heartfelt joy did stir within,

As if washed with summers soothing rain.

The whole Church group noticed me

Take position, on bended knee

Should I need a smile, when I'm feeling kind of low

and there's no one there to disagree,

Down on my knees, yes, on my knees,

There will always be a Home for me, Right-There

Yes, on my knees there is a Home, for me!

So With Your arms opened wide,

Present Jesus from deep inside,

Offer unto others, HIS Salvation, Free,

By His Grace, we grow His Family Tree.


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