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Good Night Prayer

Posted Tuesday, August 2, 2011, at 12:21 PM

We have strings, to lift us up, to brim-fill other countries cup, Now we're broke, they disappear, pretending we're not here. Once we're gone they soon will cry, the Welfare Well has just about run DRY. Tribulation right behind, Our protection they can't find. (Penochio's favorite tune)
Good Night Prayer

By Arley Steinhour 080211

Now we lay us down to sleep

We pray the Lord our flag to keep

We raise Debt limit once again

Knee-caps gone now must present chin

Awaiting Chinese knock-out punch

We find our friends are 'Out to Lunch'

We stand alone, from those we've aided

All their love for us has faded

Lift our eyes up to God on high

Now that our Nation's about to die

The world thinks it can stand aside

Without our help, regain their pride

Don't need our Christianized leadership

Satan's brew they think is best to sip

We just passed another big Debt Cap

Grandchildren receives it in their Lap

They can never pay the Debt we owe

Who cares, if gone and hear not their whoa

Never again, can we stand up proudly

To say 'We're Right,' once spoken loudly

So snuggle down into the pillow

Become as limp as limbs of Willow

Nightmare soon haunts all of man

One day's pay to fill one bread-pan

Only God, can save the day

Bible says it works that way

We turned the key to our expiration

Now we wait to become another Ex-Nation

Debt 'Snow Ball' soon too big to stop

The Rich now vie to stay on top

Jesus never carried a dime

Yet, He comes out Richest, every time

So turn your wayward heart to Him

Instead of Riches, sing Him, an Hymn.


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