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Prophecy Game One

Posted Thursday, July 28, 2011, at 2:10 PM

Coincidental events seem to happen when this Comet aligns with Sun and Earth, as it flys inbound, and then outbound. Prophetic-chance, or happenstance, I have no desire to go 'Camping.' So read it with humor, and get serious if you desire; as we close on Tribulation, without a good spare-tire. (photo, ain't not Elenin c2010 x1)
Prophecy Game One
By Arley Steinhour 072811

A third of Sun quits shining
A third of Moon does too
What could temper lumens
The hand of God, say you?

Prophetically this happens
For three days in a row
What is it that could do this
We all would like to know

I can't profess to answer
I really can't be sure
But, Comet 'C two-thousand-ten'
Elenin x-1 might be the cure

So, dash right out and sell the farm
You won't need it where I'm going
Sell also Timeshare, won't do no harm
Cannot sleep with Trumpet blowing

If you believe a word I've said
Or think you have that answer too
Go to Doctor, check your head
Then to Padded Cell, they're expecting you

Yes, Prophecy is so much fun
Much to see and things to do
Focused intently on the only One
Keeping the Watch on sky so blue

I cannot say anything will work
Or have a chance of coming true
Go here, see if I'm kidding you.

AMEN (with a great big grin)

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