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Storm before the STORM

Posted Wednesday, July 27, 2011, at 8:33 PM

The weather getting darker, cries out there's more to come, Happenings that strike great fear, into the hearts of man. So keep your focus straight on Him, He'll lead us through the Din, where rocks will break, and curtains rend, when we see Him come again.
Storm before the STORM

by Arley Steinhour 072711

The crashing sound of thunder

Rolls across the Prairie plain

Lightning flash and booming

causes soul to feel great pain

The people of this calling

has a haunting sound behind

Look not back the warning

You'll see nothing left to find

His anger is now flaming

in God's face, red with rage

The book is quickly ending

There be naught but another page.

The Prophecies have shouted

Cried a dirge of whoa and tears

We haven't adhered to His word

Seldom in Six thousand years.

The Abrahamic Promise

The Covenant we swore

We wandered off the premise

And became a Bible Whore

We searched for fun adventure

Worshiped Idols with no heart

Placed them all above Him

His blessings, now we have no part

The words subscribed by Daniel

Isaiah's warnings, God's own Crier

Ezekiel, Zechariah speak of war

So now we face the burning pit of fire

Fall on knees face to the ground

Repent of Sin-filled deeds

His Grace will make us 'Wheat' again

Blessed crop, not weeds.

The Rod of His chastisement

Welts the back, as we justly need

Purifying all we've done

Until once again, we be His Seed.


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