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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

From Cross to My Being

Posted Saturday, July 23, 2011, at 10:57 AM

If you believe this was me, I have a bridge, I haven't sold in a while; but if you can believe I'm in this photo, You'd go to jail without a file. (Pun) Ah, that I had been that tiny, and beautiful.
From Cross to My Being

By Arley Steinhour 072311

Nineteen Hundred and Six years passed by

From when Jesus died on the Cross

A Ten pound baby came to crash the party

To show the world who's Boss

This baby, I will tell you now

I see each day in the mirror

Having lived a life of blessings

Most great, but some in terror

Born to the trusty scalpel

by the Doctor skilled to cut

Too big to enter life normal

Twas my head, and not my butt

Infant years spent in terror

of being left beside a road

or murdered in a beating

for a child a heavy load

Enduring War, and Tribulation

then came my teenage years

He led me to athletics

instead of drinking beers

High School grades made me wonder

If I had a welcome place on earth

D's and D-minus plenteous

This young rock, held an upper birth

The teachers frowns were many

Always on their scowling face

I wasn't even an also ran

Allowed not, to even run the race

Some way, the time arrived for me

Graduation, a wondrous day

I was now an adult

Or at least well upon my way

Some years later from a dear friend

She confided her fear to me

I'd end up going to prison

Never more to live life free

The Navy thought some different

according to my score

I qualified for higher training

They offered much and even more

Away I went to see the world

Trained in Dit's and Dah's

A skill I thought I'd never learn

At Radio station, there I was

To bore you with my life story

Of wife, plus children and such

I'll pass on that till a later day

and thank you very much

The years I cited brought me typing

To bend your eye a while

Jesus is the one who saves you

To you, Him I witness with a smile.

So, open up your Bible

Find the man from Galilee

Surrender All Sin over to Him

Live all Eternity with Him, and even me. (^8


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