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Seer Saw Sawer See

Posted Wednesday, July 13, 2011, at 11:34 AM

Two Thousand years, they guess it's lived, back to the days of Jesus. Two Thousand rings, the chimes of time, takes us close to His Return. So we keep the Watch. AMEN
Seer Saw Sawer See
By Arley Steinhour 071311

Seer Saw - Sawer See
Our History front and back
Bound up tightly - Between the rings
To guide a heart on track

No where found - But in the Book
Called Bible, Old and New
Writings sacred - Blessed by God
Ever holy to me and you

The tree rings silent - No word spoken,
Yet a guide to years gone by
Markers to pages - History of man
God written for mortal eye

Today we marvel - At Seers words
Our God so True and Just
Belief in Him - The Word of God
Our Salvation 'Belief' the Must

Works of man - No prize won
Naught but Filthy Rag
Grace the key - Son Disciple
Places Blessing within our bag

The choice we have - A Choice not be
Acceptance with Wisdom be
Price for Sin - Paid at the Cross
Salvation by grace His Gift be free

Offer rejected - Offer ignored
Lake of Fire the destination

Accept Salvation - Eternal Life
Enjoyment beyond our Expectation

See a tree - Think Prophecy
If only the rings could speak
Read the Word - Hear the Word
Speak His Word to those who seek


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