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Hugs of Love

Posted Monday, July 4, 2011, at 12:28 PM

No one person can offer Freedom. It takes a Nation of Citizens to obtain, relish, and hold on to, with Faith in our God, and Strength in our People. AMEN 18,000 it took for this photo, 'back when...'
Hugs of Love

By Arley 061810 (revamped 070411)

With Song's of Praise, Prayers of Love

No one needs to push or shove

Blessed through Jesus, from Above

You fit our hearts just like a glove

We send our worship up to you

so you will smile the whole day through

That some day, Jesus comes for us

With Royal Shout, and Trumpet true

The timing is the important part

Perhaps today, or on the morrow

Expectation all aglow

Our wait for him can hold no sorrow

Smiling brightly, eyes aglow

We search the skies for Him

Bright as day, or dark as night

Hearts feel bright with just a Hymn

Spread the word, that Jesus Loves

He wants us one and all

He doesn't want to leave one behind

Yes He loves even those who Fall

So Keep the Watch, as He draws nigh

No matter when it be

behind white cloud, up in the sky

He comes for you and me


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