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Independence Day Blues 2011

Posted Wednesday, June 29, 2011, at 2:24 PM

Turning back to Faith, in God/Jesus, and His Commandments, is the only protection from God's wrath, in the soon coming Tribulation.
Dedicated to Dawn Cribb, my blessed sister in Jesus

Independence Day Blues 2011

By Arley Steinhour 062911

I feel I see what you say you see

The failure of our nation

Only a heart filled with Jesus

Should hold an honored station

The power of the office

Corrupts the light within

Just like acid, eats away

Until life is naught but sin.

Election time does come around

The choosing of another

Off to office, but once within

We've lost another brother

Two feet within the Gold-plated door

There must hang a warning sign

Counting down the mortal day's

Until it's re-election time

All work that needs accomplishment

Is so quickly set aside for fear

The donation box will dry up

If the right words they don't hear

When money rings the counter

At the top of donation boxes

Special Interest seems to win

For money speaks wilier than Fox's

Mom and Dad have lost again

To re-election financial woe

Representative then gets nothing done

Feeling they're someone on the go

"Serve the People, then Step Aside"

The sign would be better said

Black Ink Country this will be

Or stay away from Elected Bed.

Founding Father's they did err not saying

what should never need be said

"This Land IS a Christian Nation"

They all knew that Fact in heart and head.

Why Don't We??


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