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Crack of Dawn

Posted Friday, June 24, 2011, at 9:11 PM

Holy terror has no cartoon worthy of the emotion, so you will need use your imagination, for this one.
This morning, at 05:56AM I awoke to a sound louder and sharper than a .44 mag being fired next to my head. My eyes popped open, somewhat quickly, to see the interior of my bedroom, lit up like Sheckaina(sp?) Glory Light, a brilliant, white, dazzling light; similar to what some deduce the Rapture of the Church would be like to an unsaved person. Needless to say, I immediately was concerned, and spent some extra normal prayer-time with Jesus. That is the event that prompted what I offer in this praise poem, my rendition of my thoughts and emotions:

Crack of Dawn

By Arley Steinhour 062411

Bang of Lightning at Crack of Dawn

Flash of light in Blink of Eye

Brought me out of bed without a yawn

Out the window is clear blue sky

My normal stretchy wake up

My normal smack of lips

More like spastic hick-up

And launching of big ships

I fluttered over bed somewhere

Wondering if Rapture did start my day

Crashing back in panicked prayer

Left Behind, Un-forgiven Stray

The crispness of the thunder sound

Like a Magnum Forty-Four

Searched my body like Lost and Found

Finding no bloody gore

No way, I'd wake up slow and easy

With panic forcing instant start

Left Behind would make me feel sleazy

I could die, with but a broken heart.

The panicked thoughts abounded strong

How could this be today

Snatching on this day unfounded

Only recourse is to Pray

My heart cried out to supplicate

My hands clasped tight in front

What had I left undone of late

To have Salvation fraught with want

It took a while to settle down

The fear ran clean to the bone

I should have a linen gown

Praising You before the throne

I wasn't gone but still in bed

Eyes wide open from what I'd dreamed

Upon my pillow was my head

Nightmare over, or so it seemed

The warmness of your love for me

Told me you are always there

Shining from face for world to see

Full of your Love beyond compare.


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