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Pre-Trib Deductulation

Posted Wednesday, June 22, 2011, at 12:07 PM

No matter what the others say, my heart believes a Pre-Trib day, when all who believe but have not 'seen,' don't experience Satan being Mean.
Pre-Trib Deductulation

By Arley Steinhour 062211

Why there is No Pre-Trib Rapture

Words in Red, screamed from the page

Like Iodine's blue tincture

Headline cries with staining rage

'How dumb are those believers

With head deep in the sand'

Spoken by Last Day word retrievers

Who's voice spreads across the land

'Two Thousand years, stupidity

Hear now the newfound Bible Word

Or that ignorance will have eternity

To wish you had the ears, and heard'

'Where is the promise of his coming'

Second Peter Three, verse four

Scoffers say with words condemning

'Hear us well, or it's out the door

Last days event said Peter,

Keep the watch as they will come

With lies that sound much sweeter

Thinking Christians are truly Dumb

Sadly, they be almost right

Laodicean thoughts prevail

To some His Word is dark as night

Those in His Truth need not be pail

Soon the day is coming when

Truth will rule on Earth

Just after Tribulation seven

And Earth obtains New Birth

Holy Spirit will once again

Fill the hearts of mortal men

Separated through Tribulation

So Beast could rule and cause a Din

Spirit filled Pre-Trib believers, too

Will return, Oh Lord, with you

Taken when Holy Spirit flew

Your Born Again, Pre-Trib did too.

So now, just supposing

Pre-Trib is but just a dream

And all of those espousing

Floats to the top as cream

I think I'm still a winner

Even though they prove right

My heads not in a dither

And I sleep real good at night

I know my Lord is watching

Keeping track of me

And I might just graduate

With those Raptured of even Singly.

Should I be wrong

I've been before

I praise Him in song

And seek a later score.

Can't lose, only Win.


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