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Poetic Artistry

Posted Saturday, June 18, 2011, at 12:54 PM

Some things just need to be together, Lightening and Thunder, Day and Night, Seeing and Hearing, Jesus an Mankind...The Storm is coming, Soon.
Poetic Artistry
By Arley Steinhour 061811

Like a vase painted on canvas face
Word painting with script, Poets do
Descriptive words must fill the space
To paint a shine upon a shoe.

The scenery is scripture bound
Alphabetic tried and true
Not a brush-stroke can be found
A picture written word paints for you.

I was looking at some artistry
Painted by brush and stroke
Viewing bits of History
Without, Poetic pencil stroke.

Too bad, I thought, Poets weren't there
With so little uttered by the crowd
Ear left out from beauty there, to share
Something missing, like sky, without a cloud.

Consider the 'Beauty of a painted flower
Shining brightly, with morning dew
Warming the heart hour by hour
To see what God means to you.'

The 'Soft clean skin of baby, new born
Held close to parent's breast
Love flowing as from Cornucopic horn
Showing life is at it's best.'

Perhaps a river, softly flowing
Dark blue with touch of brown
Or rapids white and angry frothing
Warning dangerous rock abound.

The seeing and the hearing
Together sings well to heart
Enchants life with the pairing
Never more to be apart.

Just like man and Jesus
Being One, once together, locked
A One of many pieces
Eternally One, with Satan Blocked.


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