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Caution Reminder

Posted Monday, June 13, 2011, at 9:53 AM

He's always there, be He light or bright, in full view, or just out of sight; Repair to Jesus, in Praise and Prayer, knowing that He is always there. AMEN
Caution Reminder
By Arley Steinhour 061311

Take no action in rebellion,
Into Prayer one must Repair,
When it's time for God's correction,
To support you, God need be there.

Those who call us 'Haters,'
Corrupted God right from the start,
Though they play the wounded,
Death and mayhem rules their heart.

An incidence of hatred,
Takes months or years to quell,
Wounds fester unabated,
Filled with Denizens from Hell.

They can corrupt the heart and mind,
In Thought, in Word, in Deed,
Till Holy Spirit be hard to find,
When there is a Godly need.

Holy Spirit doesn't rest,
His help is always there,
Allowing us to achieve our best,
Resulting in answers blessed to share.

Only on an occasion of death,
May God choose to interfere,
Giving one an extra breath,
To strengthen and keep us here;

Sliding on our string of life,
Of which I've spoke before,
That makes us, yes, a better Wife,
When we enter Eternities Door.

So, send your Praises up to God,
For teaching all He lets us know,
That we be good, not know the Rod,
Once there, from here, below.


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