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Wedding Feast Anxiety

Posted Saturday, June 11, 2011, at 6:06 PM

Mansions ready, Table set perfectly, Time to Snatch Bride up to Thee, with Lamps trimmed and full of oil.
Wedding Feast Anxiety
By Arley Steinhour 061111

Two Thousand years she's waited
With patience wearing thin
A Doctor of Love would have her sedated
From the condition that she's in.

You paid the price of marriage
What seems so long ago
Still no horse or carriage
Her heart is sinking low

You promised you'd not tarry
She expected quick results
Tradition says you did marry
Now she suffer strong insults.

Temper is getting somewhat frayed
Bride's friends are getting fat
Everything is disarrayed,
If we were tires, we'd be flat.

No one know the hour or day
Your Father be the only one
When it comes, He will say
'It's Time, get her, on the run.'

There's a reason that I write today
Tomorrow is Shavuot
Traditional day of Snatching away
On a horse, an ass, even a goat.

Stay clean, get hale and hearty
Tomorrow might hear the phrase
To enjoy The Wedding Party
An Eternity of Loving Praise.


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