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Fan of God

Posted Friday, June 10, 2011, at 11:02 AM

This is as close as I can come, to what I experienced Yester-morn, anyone who saw the scene knows why I'm Glory-Reborn.
Fan of God
By Arley Steinhour 060911

Eight O'clock, morning time
Down the road did go
Headed for the next town
For a blood lab don't you know.

Sun through hole glowed brightly
With pin-hole beams below Grey cloud
In such a way as to fan out and form
For the sun, a Glory Shroud.

Sun the brightest of the lights
Peaked through larger hole in cloud
Rays did fan at angles below
Evoking cry of joy quite loud.

The angle of the fanning
Sun mightn't make complete
Unless the Son was shining
From about Twenty thousand feet

Distraction from my driving
Raised the hackles on my nape
But with some caution kept control
Enjoying the glorious 'Astro-scape.'

'Oh, could it be,' I asked the Lord,
'Is it now that time to come?'
Wonderment did abound
I choked up as if on a crumb.

The sun grew brighter
As joyously I asked
Only for a moment, then went
Back behind the cloudy mask.

I didn't hear a word from Him
In my rock hard mortal mind
So I just enjoyed the moment
And the beauty I did find.


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