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Dear Jesus Letter

Posted Tuesday, May 31, 2011, at 11:37 AM

Keeping the Watch, with brothers and sisters, many I've yet to know, Searching for the Return of Christ, to welcome him here below. The time is short, without known date, So please repent before too late. AMEN
Dear Jesus Letter

By Arley Steinhour 053111

Dear Jesus,

I'm sorry that I make you Cry

I'm sorry that I made you Die

For sins that lifted into the sky

Enjoying a life fraught with lie

I was Evil through and through

Until I gave my heart to You

And then from out of sky so Blue

You took me to the Breast of You.

You compensated for my evil life

With yours, upon the tree of strife

So I'd not suffer Judgments Rife

Disemboweled by Evil Satan's knife.

No matter how 'I' wish, or try

Still some things do become a lie

Even though it still makes you cry

Your Love forgives me, by and by.

Your cleansing now is truly showing

In cracks and crannies where sin is growing

You clean and heal the wound, I'm knowing

Your Protection, and Love, is ever flowing.

Awakening, you are on my lip

Morning Sun does fill my heart

Your Word keeps full my bowel

Your narrow pathway, my old feet on.

My love for you don't have to rhyme

It just need be a part of my life-time

For me then, and when the bells chime

I'll be with you where exists no Time.

Love, Arley


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