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Prophetic Nightmare

Posted Saturday, May 28, 2011, at 2:27 PM

A wreck like this, someone should die, but didn't, Jesus reached out with his hand, and saved us from bereavement. IMHO
Prophetic Nightmare

By Arley Steinhour 052811

Everybody wants to be in Heaven

Hell is where we qualify

Donate dollars six or seven

Not yet Reborn, doomed to die.

Perhaps, you help a poor old lady

Cross a street, or climb a stair

God wouldn't say you're ready

To be in Heaven by splitting hair.

You won't, repent the 'fun' things

Spend more than an hour in a Pew

Dozing from your late night flings

But offer Hallelujah, one or two.

Out of Church door, skitter

Race to yonder Sub and Suds shop

For finals of annual 'Spittoon Spitter'

Speed along, praying not see a Cop.

Dang, you left your Bible on the Pew seat

Not worried though, it's only Paper-back

Haggled for at Yard Sale down the street

For a nickel, as it smelled like musty shack.

From the left you think, not sure

With mind upon the spitting

Something shiny had the cure

No more worry about Fence-sitting.

Suddenly your full alert

Huge book upon the Table

Funny no where you be hurt

To stand here, should not be able.

Judge shook head slowly

Sadness filled the air

Searching without finding

Your Name just wasn't there.

Many times you almost ceded

Each time you turned away

Every time He pleaded

You had naught to say.

He signaled with His Left

To an Angel on your right

Who took you by the hand, bereft

And led you into Eternal Night.

Awakening in Torment

Condemned you know you be

Say, 'Now's the time to Repent'

Be saved, be Totally FREE.


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