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Nation Under Gods Foot

Posted Friday, May 27, 2011, at 8:52 AM

Smell the Ozone, See the Lightening, Hear the Thunder roar, Someone should do something, but don't step past the Blood upon the door. PRAY.
Nation Under Gods Foot

By Arley Steinhour 052711

Under God, we have a Nation

At least for a short time yet

Some people despise it's station

This Republic we did get.

Memorial given just once yearly

One day to give our thanks

Sacrifice that some paid dearly

Greedy folk took profit to the Banks.

Millions died on planet Earth

Freedom paid for in their blood

Now we pray for rebirth

Change where Lady Freedom stood.

It seems folks want life fully Social

Having comfort without work

Failure makes one very special

The one who works is now the Jerk.

Every person who did ever die

Sacrificed to keep this Nation Free

They all would rise, sit down and cry

For this disaster that we see.

Our leaders, representing us

Them, all our purse strings do control

Would just as soon throw us under a bus

Than cease using the mega-credit-spending bowl.

They don't protect the 'working' bloke

Only those who be on welfare dole

Even those illegal folk

Who crawl out of a hole.

The worst one's are the one's who watch

Wondering where the protection went

Call a cop, and close the shop

Until someone else does pay the 'Rent.'

Nation Drowning, People Frowning

Economy Heaving, People Leaving

Hero's mostly Dead, Leaders mostly Red

World filling of Hate, Christians awaken too late.

Naught else to say, but A M E N Perhaps soon the Foot will Fall.

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