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Final Days of Seven Years

Posted Thursday, May 26, 2011, at 3:44 PM

Bright, so Bright the Shakainah Glory Light, it drives away all darkness and night. The Word cuts like a two edged sword, and instantly they die
Final Days of Seven Years

By Arley Steinhour 052611

Two Hundred Million valiant men

Will stand tall on Megiddo plain

Look to the sky, and then know why

Death comes down, like shining Rain.

Too late to take away the mark

That is branded on their hand

They joined the Beast and promises

Running rampant throughout the land.

'He is The One, the Only One'

They had cried three years before day

When he proclaimed himself as god

Christians and Jews, quickly ran away.

More than a year it took them

To guillotine the Christian hoard

Singing songs of Godly Praise

As they lay neck on the board.

Seven years Tribulation passed

Much quicker than one might think

The mighty one rose to power in three

Followed by three of death, and stink.

Most by now have figured out

'We chose to follow the wrong man'

The other choice called Jesus

Was a myth, and 'King of that Hater Clan.'

Christians had learned to hide quite well

Working mostly in the dark of night

Telling those without the mark

Follow Jesus, He'll bring to them the fight.

Now, here they stand on Megiddo Plain

Preparing to fight the Leader of that Clan

Not many Christians left alive

How could He win without a fighting man?

Up in the sky a light began to glow

On this darkest night of nights

Brighter, Brighter, ever Brighter

The Light washed away the night.

Weapons drawn and at the ready

Prepared to repel a mighty hoard

But only one man on white horse

Came, in His mouth a mighty sword.

A word He spoke, that danced and flew

From the edge of sword on every side

Soldiers standing, never heard

Two Hundred Million fighters died.

His Glory shining brightly

The war on earth complete

Every person still left alive

Yet to bend knee at His Feet.

A Thousand years the Kingdom

To make all things complete

With one last time for Satan

His final fate then meet.

That should be another story

But it's really short you see

He finds a bunch of rebels

God speaks they're all dead meat.

That's an ETERNAL AMEN, folks

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