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Riding By Blue String Way

Posted Monday, May 23, 2011, at 3:59 PM

In Heaven, I'll feel much younger than now, but not this young, I pray. I'd like to enjoy Eternity, but not in a Diaper wearing Way. (^8
Riding By Blue String Way

By Arley Steinhour 052311

My Blue, Velvet, String, on which I ride,

Seems almost never now to tangle,

My life has followed that which I can't hide,

A voyage with a different angle.

Too many diversions to paint the scene,

Too many memories deep inside,

Too few the inches upon the screen,

Some scenes, I'd prefer to hide.

The string I ride, God made for me,

No one else, my ride understand,

Years it took for me to ride free,

Supported by His Strong hand.

The scenery goes streaking by,

Much beauty there is to see,

So much that some may miss my eye,

Until grass paints like a tree.

The breeze of life flows past my face,

My ears hear the mournful sound,

Of everything fitting into place,

As I step farther onto Prophetic ground.

So long as I'm making headway,

I know there is work to do,

Even praising God each day,

With my heart, made pure and true.

Some days I think I see that end,

Others, string flows out of sight,

He's coming soon, around the bend,

To take us where there be no night.

There's plenty to do, and much to say,

Tune in to Jesus, your every day.


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