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Posted Monday, May 23, 2011, at 11:42 AM

We know Jesus, soon will come to Rule on Earth from End to End, Sometime before, He comes, to Snatch Away His Bride. So, Keep the Watch, to be the first, to see Him on His way, no prize is given, but on the flight you might have something good to say. (If you can stop grinning long enough, that is) (^8

By Arley Steinhour 052311

This morning, as the Sun came up,

Number six thousand two hundred twenty five,

Praising God, arose, to break fast and sup.

Praise focused on, how long I've been alive.

I calculate, quite close, to be

(Used my pocket calculator),

Sun-rises more than memory,

Some bad, some good, some greater.

There was that time under the sky,

I slept quite well till morning,

Big drops of rain, hit me in the eye,

Dark Cloud, intent on storming.

There was that time, another morn. of life,

Motel room, twenty miles from home,

Awakened, to smile at my new wife,

Only to board a train, to be off to sea alone.

Then those other mornings five,

Marking heart with baby, newly born,

Fat, sassy, full of life-drive,

Proud of all my children every Morn.

Between each wake-up Sunrise,

A time to pray and rest the head,

Preparing for final SONPRIZE,

Never more to rise from bed.

The time is coming, soon I feel,

Bridegroom does Snatch away,

Taking Bride, that He does steal,

To Life, Forever and a Day.


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