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Truth Today Maybe

Posted Saturday, May 21, 2011, at 2:55 PM

True or False, we know, in a while. Today, or perhaps one later? Since no one thinks this be the day, perhaps, God has a surprise in store? We'll See.
Truth Today Maybe
By Arley Steinhour 052111

Father God, I come before you, on this fateful day,
Wondering if I feel rightly, or perhaps the piper pay?
The news is having hay-day, with what he 'as prophet-said,'
Do they just want to make a buck, before putting news to bed?

When I see the Christian attitude, my heart wants to cry,
This fellow, Harold Camping's Rapture, does he really lie?
Reaction to this attitude, pain in my heart takes toll,
Are we more worried about position, in an opinion poll?

Do we reach-out to the wayward, and offer helping hand,
Or throw them from our Christian Bus, into deserted land?
I don't agree with what he says, too little proof to see,
Doesn't hazarding all one has, mean they offer all they be?

Only you, oh, Father God, know when the Son comes for the Bride,
Covenant Ready, then has no chance, to snatch Jacket on this side.
I guess my query's over, as to your coming, I'm satisfied,
Just so long as this Christian man, can be part of the Bride.


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