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Falling Away Today

Posted Thursday, May 19, 2011, at 1:15 PM

They say that only ten percent of Muslim are radical in behavior, But that means only One Hundred Million want to make Jew and Christian dead, with their head completely severed. The moderate is moderate, only until the radical tells them to become radical, or die. Then we could have over One Billion radical of mind. Perchance?
Falling Away Today

By Arley Steinhour 051911

Betray your people, if you will,

You'll find it is a bitter pill;

A pill chocked full of hate and pain,

No mortal man need endure that Rain. (Psa 11)

In Rain Forest, where the trees grow tall,

Number one killer is when a limb does fall.

Or maybe a Church filled with a Sahara of sand,

Living water not offered, yet with plenty at hand.

Seeking a profit, over mankind's survival,

Betrays, far beyond any chance of revival.

The Sheep will be lost, Living Water, not found.

Woe shall be Storm on Church leaders, not ground. (Mat 18:7)

There's movement afoot, to say 'No more I be Christian man,'

But of faith in sharia, from mohammed's word, in quran; (Joh 5:43)

The ploy used today, a uniquely phrased offer, to chooser,

'It's a religion of Peace,' yet are ordered to kill, a refuser.

Many young souls, without a Bible education,

Are 'Falling Away, denuding this Christian Nation.; (2Th 2:3)

Those 'Falling Away,' may end in Spiritual ditch,

They could lose Salvation, the moment they switch.

God soon will send mountains, from space into Sea,

Sprinkle Wormwood on rivers, to poison many that be; (Rev 8:8-11)

No person be 'Safe,' as the Seals, all are broken,

After the Church hears: 'Come up here,' bespoken.

We may pay a great price, for those that do Fall,

Blood of their falling, may pin some to the Wall;

Our Bema Judgment, may suffer much 'Loss/Dross,'

Reward, we thought earned, not earned, per the Cross. (1Co 3:13-15)

May our hearts reawaken, and take back our Faith,

Jesus is watching, few Christians be Safe;

One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand can't fail,

The rest of the Faithful, 'could' still go to Jail. (Mat 7:21-23)

So, rally to Jesus, let-not Satan Trespass with his sin,

Only with Jesus, at our side, can we cry out: WE WIN!!

AMEN (Mat 6:13b)

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