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Midnight Blues

Posted Tuesday, May 17, 2011, at 7:47 AM

Not often, but on occasion, I have to bring him out, to show the world I could not sleep, so I roamed about. I typed real hard to make some sense, but failed miserable it seems, I couldn't even type the words to my forgotten dreams.
Midnight Blues

By Arley Steinhour 051711

Dear Jesus, it is four A.M. a time I'm seldom awake,

Waking up, I feel fully rested, and ready this day On to Take.

I don't know why you woke me up, really do not care,

Just want to do as you'd have me do, let words fill the air.

I woke up thinking all about events when I was three,

My life accelerated to warp two, childhood gone from me.

Don't get me wrong, I had my games, and funny things to do,

But being an ordinary three, was something that was through.

Home from Church, that fateful day, December Seven, Forty-one,

That day that lives in Infamy, when the whole world went under the gun.

I learned months later that war had been on the agenda since Thirty-nine,

But hadn't reached the U. S. A. until Japan did lay war on the line.

Today, I fear for Israel, with fifty-seven hate-filled Nation Foe,

Chomp at the War-Bit, to send Israeli, where they want them to go.

Could this be the reason, you woke me up this night, so dark,

To tell me that Psalm eighty-three, has just began to Bark?

Or, maybe you were lonely, and wanted prayer to you, from me,

Prayer that fills my heart to the brim, no mater what or where I be?

If that be the case, no mater what, then Dear Lord, here I be,

With heart in hand, and Praise on lips, for you and world to see.

Morning time, in Israel, off to work in U K, and in all of E U stead,

May Your Will be Done, throughout the Med, now all are out of bed.

My Ego much prefers to think, you wanted to hear me pray,

As many souls this fate-filled day, would rather fight than play.

The news will tell me soon, I know, if there be anything in the world,

Worthy of my tears or joy, or Politics, or Blogging, to other folk untold.

I go to search, the either-ways, to see if there be any news,

Or realize, I'm just barking, because I have the midnight blues.


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