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To Brian Blogger Praise

Posted Monday, May 16, 2011, at 7:20 PM

This poetic ditty, came from off the cuff, but to keep it where I wrote it, I snuck a copy, of off the cuff. Brian now has a promo out, I sent it round the world; I hope it gets the viewership he deserves, plus a 'Howdy,' one or two.
A friend and fellow Blogger, Brian speaks to why he Blogs,

My response to him, rolling praise, like fresh cut logs.

We Blog at the local paper, www.mccookgazette.com the site,

As we live here in Nebraska land, and Blog with all our might.

To Brian Blogger Praise

By Arley Steinhour 051611

Would you cheapen your Blog with pay??

To that, fool, I say No Way.

Heartfelt must have a price that's free,

Or your couldn't sell a thing to me.

I share my gift of banter and time,

Offering things that sometime rhyme;

Praising God, the only One,

Doing that, is so much fun.

Perhaps we reach a broken heart,

Or person's Blahs, quick a Jump-start;

To Rev-away their mortal pain,

As on Life's garden, we provide soft rain.

I know you do, that's why I read,

Every word that you put out as seed;

So, pat your self upon the back,

A readership, you'll never lack.

With Christian love, you have my name,

On your Wall, to your local Fame.


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