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Great Snatching

Posted Monday, May 16, 2011, at 4:33 PM

>>> Be Right with Jesus, as there is no Second Call. When be this event? God Knows, I don't. I can only suspect. <<<
Great Snatching
By Arley Steinhour 051611

The Rapture is truly coming, for those in Jesus to be free,
That truth is in the Bible, for every Soul to see.

So we can get ourselves prepared, for the day we fly away,
Those without belief in Jesus, simply do not go that day.

The Rapture is a real thing, happens soon, in blink of eye,
Believers, all, be Snatched away, for reward, beyond the sky.

'Be Ready,' is the buzz word, as we still don't know the day,
'As in the Day of Noah, and Lot,' there is so much to say.

Noah had a Water storm, coming, for oer a Hundred year,
But Lot, had Sulfur, and flaming things, coming, very near.

Two different kinds of destruction, two times far apart,
It seems the only similitude, was they both had God in heart.

Something else fits in both stories, but so often people missed,
Both were placed in 'Safety,' before earth, destruction kissed.

Noah, had to build an Arc, to save all the animals around,
Lot was given an hour to escape, and gain safest ground.

God don't figure to harm the Faithful folk, those who be in Him,
Thus the Rapture, of the millions, as earths population He does Trim.

Being saved from Tribulation has nothing to do with deserving,
Only Holy Spirit need go, but without abode, be quite unnerving.

Through God's Grace, we're saved from Sin, even Tribulation,
Through a Rapture, sometime soon, Christians from every Nation.

So, if your standing near a Christian, and they pop right out of sight,
Know that they've flown to the Light, and you are left in Night.

The door to Jesus, not quite closed, so time is there for your Conversion,
You missed the flight, but leave the night, Millennial Covenant Salvation.


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