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Brown Dwarf Sky

Posted Thursday, May 12, 2011, at 10:06 PM

God placed each and every star, up in the sky, and knows the name of each and every one, and only He knows why, one may come close by our orb, perhaps to clear the path for God the Son.
Brown Dwarf Sky

By Arley Steinhour 051211

Two Thousand years, plus twelve, it's said, the world will be no more,

Many folk who see the future, have sworn that be the prophetic door.

The Mayan's will stop 'Rock Cold,' Two Thousand, Twelve, the year,

The Shaker, Quaker, Scientists, say the big rocker is due, and almost here.

Christians say Tribulation is upon us, and Atheist doesn't know or care,

Islam is looking for their Imam, twelve, and only zombies stand and stare.

The list, it seems, goes on and on, with Doom the favorite choice of all,

Some are anxious, some are bored, some don't even hear the call.

Then, days ago, we get the news, an object is incoming, so close to Earth,

The closest that this 'C' will come is close, but leave us a nice close birth.

Scientists, have shrugged it off, as it won't, no way, make earth a parking lot,

So what's to worry, just snap the lens, and have much to talk to friends about.

So, why do I dare mention, a blob of iron ore, or rock, so far away,

When we're looking at the chance of war, to be number three that day.

A group of folk, has combined the dates, of events not yet long past,

And found a maybe coincidence, that just maybe, on mind will last;

For it seems that on the trip through our system, it aligns with us and sun,

And on the day when alignment is straight, an Earthquake, big, has begun.

February twenty-seven, year Two Thousand, plus ten, Chili rocked and roll.

September, Four, of same year, aligned again, with New Zealand at the Pole.

Two out of two, not bad for a Rock, but so far out, how could that be,

Pure chance say folk, don't worry now, until alignment three.

Two, closer than alignment one, and three would be less than two,

March Fifteen, Two Thousand Eleven, Japan, less than point five A U.

A U at Two point One, first two at over Six, Japan is rocked at Eight point Nine,

We've seen three alignments, by date, connected to an earth catastrophe, just fine.

But, alas, we be only halfway home, until this 'thing' leaves Earth alone,

Alignments total Six, with Three more to go, before 'AMEN,' we moan.

NASA has the numbers, but since 'C 20-10' misses, nothing does equate,

And by the time man figures out the danger, preparing will be too late.

There's no sure way of knowing, but the alignment dates be happenstance,

Maybe, pray, just maybe, One, Two, and Three, coincidence, not a chance.

Alignment Four, September Twenty-Seven, at AU, Point Three-Eight-One,

October Seventeen, be number Five, AU, Point Two-Three-Two, won't be fun.

The Sixth, and Last, November , Twenty-Three, the last having any danger,

C 20-10 is departing, at A U Point Five Six, less strong than Four and Five.

No one can say for sure what C 20-10 may be but named it 'Elenin X1,'

Some think it be a Brown Dwarf Star, with a gravity pull, not much fun.

Hypothesize is all that one can do, and that is really not a choice,

I tell you this to stay alert, in case mankind might need a voice.

The Chicken Little, in my head, is crowing much louder than ere before,

So at the end of this poetic ditty, NASA, and the finder site, data door.

A little bit off color, for a Praise to God, on High, from me,

But He placed the stuff out there in space, as signs for all to see.

So may I close this Harbinger, of possible danger and woe,

With Praise to God, who watches, over all the world, below.


To check this out: NASA: http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=C%...

The Sky Watching group:


Note: The above Poem is only intended as 'Food for Thought,' nothing more. I pass on something I have not studied, so I cannot say how serious this may be, if at all. //as//

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