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Mother and Her Day

Posted Friday, May 6, 2011, at 2:28 PM

You can't wear Mom on your finger, but you can call her with yours. You can only wear Mom wrapped around your heart, right beside Jesus. Double Blessing. AMEN
Mother and Her Day

By Arley Steinhour 050611

Day of Praising Mother is close, when we honor all she's done,

From cleaning house, to cooking meals, to making life be fun.

Up before children or dad, Mom be, to start the day off right,

Directing traffic at the bath, so no one gets in a fight.

While doing that, she's in the kitchen, fixing breakfast hot to eat,

Or, maybe setting out the cereal, with milk, and fruit, a treat.

Dad always wants his coffee, so the news won't seem so 'dry,'

Especially around election time, when he thinks they all do lie.

Moms darting eye, inspects the crowd, for proper dress and looks,

Even down to fingernails, as she hands them lunch and books.

As dad and children load in car, mom reminds about eggs, and bread,

So dad won't forget to do that chore, returning home to wife, and bed.

Knowing how he oft forgets, she'll call dad before leaving work,

Using a 'mom' excuse, that dad remembers, and not feel like a jerk.

Dad and school age, out the door, mom has a moment for herself,

Take a sip of coffee, nibble a bite or two, put foodstuffs on the shelf.

From here, mom's day may differ, depending on the life the family may lead,

But sure you be, she's using her time, making decisions best for every need.

The platitudes are many, how mom answers a need or want, for family,

Somehow even a few of her own; most-often on bended knee.

Mom is much like Jesus, as he hung upon that fateful Cross,

Family needs, mom will fulfill, even if to her it does mean Loss.

She Loves and does, for dad and kids, staying right on track,

Mom would even go to the post for them, for lash to tear her back.

Without a tear, for her sacrifice, mom will smile and make life better,

Just as Jesus soon will do again, as He Returns, per God's Love Letter.

So, Hug your Mom, give thanks and Love, every day of your life,

Not just one day, but every day, for being Mom, and your Dads Wife.


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