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Memorial Day Praise 2011

Posted Tuesday, May 3, 2011, at 11:10 AM

This land we have is Blessed by God, this Land of the Free, Patriotism to God and Country, keeps it FREE, for you and me. For every 'Warrior' Veteran, there be a thousand supporting back behind; But worry not, God sees us all, and has us in His Loving Mind. AMEN
Memorial Day Praise 2011

By Arley Steinhour 050311

I will not fly my flag that day, half-way up the mast,

For none of us lived our lives so you could halfway last.

Some of us did not complete the life we had in store,

Some of us did lay down that life, upon far distant shore.

Don't mourn for them, but praise their lives, freely lived, so short,

That life that they so freely gave; your's live free, as their Cohort.

From Dream of Freedom, through today, many hear the Call,

Soldiers true to Red White and Blue, so Freedom can stand Tall.

So, look around, and surely see, a tear in eye, salute a passing flag,

Wonder who that tear is for, perhaps a buddies voice, that Death did gag.

Thank that Vet, who does survive, perhaps by another's sacrifice,

A gentle 'Thank You,' from the heart, that tear will dry quite nice.

The Veteran is in the lime light, but we all do serve this land so free,

Teachers, Mom, Dad, fellow country-men, Ministers on bended knee;

Each adds a bit of 'service,' contributing to who Veteran will be,

Quick to accept the calling, of our country, that all be free.

Please try a small experiment, Thank everyone you see,

For their service to our land, if not for you, then maybe me.

Standing Tall, together, with the Vet, and all Americans, we see,

Will resurrect the Big 'P' word, 'Patriot,' from sea to shining sea.

Bless us all, Dear Jesus, as we thank you for this land.

Without your love and guidance, we'd be a motley band.


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