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Birthday SaMach Shalom

Posted Saturday, April 30, 2011, at 10:56 AM

Just before, or after, Birthday Seven-Zero, the scene should look something more like this, with Israel, in full control, ready for Millennium God's Rule with Iron Rod.
Birthday SaMach Shalom

By Arley Steinhour 043011

To Yisrael, Yom Sa'Mach, Mikrah, a few day's away,

Sixty Three, since Rebirth, will mark that Joy-filled day,

No-sooner marked, but attacked, at Sun before high noon.

Heralding God's raising, speaking to the dry bones, strewn.

For Sixty-three, long years, growth, and maturity,

With IDF and trust in God, you pray for security,

Yisrael returning, Aliyah, back to your ancient home,

Muslim neighbors don't want 'you,' or be near their 'Dome.'

Nine, Sevens, soon are history, with only one to go,

That be Jacob's trouble, this last Seven Prophets know.

Cleansing Holy Temple Mount, hearing Fife and Drum,

Temple built and pure for use, inters Millennial Kingdom.

No country will stand with Yisrael, You'll have naught but God,

Needing no other hand but His, and His Iron Rod.

Heinous acts of butchery, and hatred, from the heart,

Will close the Days of Gentile, with Kingdom about to start.

Messiah comes, yet once again, to save the Apple of His Eye,

Saving faithful remnant of Yisrael, who've learned He didn't lie.

So, gird your loin, and pray to God, that He watches over you,

Christ-ians, who do support, will be, sadly, but Saintly few.

The Church be gone, you stand alone, for Seven dreadful year,

But God is truly watching oer, the people He holds so Dear.

So, Happy Rebirth, Israel, you've come so far, His Truth to find:

Once the Christian Church is gone, your Salvation, is close behind.

The 'Lion' comes, as you have prayed, with two-edged sword, unbent,

To speak the end of Jacob's Trouble, bring Home Israel, Repent.

SaMach Shalom


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