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Pentecost Wedding

Posted Monday, April 25, 2011, at 7:35 PM

Fire on the head, devotion in the heart, onward to the Wedding Feast, to never more depart. AMEN
Pentecost Wedding

By Arley Steinhour 042511

Day 1 Sunday started Omer count, with forty-nine to go,

To reach the magic fifty, when Pentecost we'll know.

Harvest should be over, or very little yet to do,

Celebrate the grain we have, to eat a year or two.

Looking back on these past fifty days, work be hard, hours long,

Being finished doesn't matter, day Fifty is for Food, and Song.

Three times a year, men must come up, to pray at Temple Mount,

Pentecost is number two, without a month, but fifty numbered count.

Not much is known from Bible, Old, about the reason why,

But, on this day, after Jesus' death, Christian Church did fly.

Holy Spirit filled the room, with sounds of wind and flame,

As Disciples prayed, the Church was made, 'The Way' be the name.

Some time would pass, a year or three, till 'Christ-ian' was called,

Chances good, the name did deride, just like 'Snatching Bald.'

The badness didn't last long, as Apostles shined up the Name,

Before any body knew it, Name had Great Positive to claim.

Holy Spirit, coming on Disciples, about all we know about,

Tradition says there is much more, but one sure does stick out;

It seems there is a story, about when it's time to marry,

Shavuot / Pentecost, favorite of time, excellent to Tarry.

Father calls the son aside, 'It's time to fetch your Bride,'

You and your friends retrieve her, room ready now inside.

A year or more, has flown by slow, since seeing the Bride last,

And now the Father say's times right, now time goes by too fast.

The Feast is good, the wine flows free, without Bride and Groom

Seven Days, the Bride and Groom, are in their hidden room.

So when you see Pentecost arriving, expect to see Bridegroom,

For Seven Day's of Years, we can expect, to be in hidden room.


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