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Day Light Day Bright

Posted Sunday, April 24, 2011, at 9:23 AM

Keep The Watch, for our God, as I pray He comes soon for us.
Day Light Day Bright

By Arley Steinhour 042411

Oh What a beautiful rising, just before the Sun,

On that Resurrection day, of His only begotten Son.

The Tomb lights up, stone door opens, Sun begins to raise,

Resurrected Jesus presents Himself to sky full of Angels praise.

The quaking of the earth subsides, could hold the King no more,

This one event, redeems from Satan, our Salvation, Shore to Shore.

We see the New Age dawning, of what we call Christian Church,

Butterfly from cocoon emerging, with Dreadful Satin left in lurch.

The counting of the Omer starts, this day of First Fruit's presenting,

Sleeping Saints rising up, going Home with Jesus, from Sheol's renting.

God gladly sacrificed, with Love, His only begotten Son, that day,

To pay a debt He didn't owe, for the debt we couldn't ever pay.

The morning we call Easter, we need all be on knees to pray,

Thanking God, and Jesus, for our Redemption price that He did pay.

We celebrate, with pleasure, as with gratitude, all to Jesus Christ, on High,

Who, will, quite soon, come for His Bride, the take them By and By.

Don't miss the call, from high in the sky, nor the Trumpet Calling,

When we all go up to meet the Lord, left behind those who would be falling.

A Very Happy Easter, I offer to One and All,

As I keep the Watch for Him, as well as a-hem, Y'all.


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