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Waiting in Line for His Return

Posted Saturday, April 23, 2011, at 10:54 AM

He is risen, yes indeed, the final Seal we'll ever need, He signed in Blood, Royal Adoption, that we be of, Our God's Seed. AMEN
Waiting in Line for His Return

By Arley Steinhour 042311

Shabbat Shalom, to one and all, and thanks to David Hughes,

We see another bit of truth, hard to believe in the Christian news.

We sit here in our comfort, music playing 'Sweet By and By,'

In other parts of our God's world, Christian's do many die.

There before the Throne of God, there's little room to stand,

To allow the Souls of martyred, crying 'LORD, revenge us, when?'

'You gave us Christ, we paid the price, Agape is its name,

so we can have, with you Forever, and nevermore bear shame.'

God says, calmly, 'Keep the Faith, Dear One's, there's still a few to go,

To reward the sacrifice you made, by giving up life, through Martyr Woe.

White Robes passed out, to calm the tears, of those who martyred be.

Perhaps the 'Seals' are being broken, fore-to rescue you and me?

Perchance you wonder, why the story went there, but hold on and you'll see,

This Sabbath day, with Jesus in Tomb, graves opened, dead waiting too, be free .

No one mentions, almost never, that when earth shook, graves did 'open' too,

Marked like the Omer of Barley 'waived,' First Fruits presented, yet to do.

When Jesus 'rose,' they 'arose,' but that be tomorrow morning,

I only want to state the facts, better yet to give you warning.

Before living Christians spot Him, Resurrected Saints lead the pack,

So, when the dead come out of grave, we know He's called, and be right back.

Tomorrow morning, we honor Jesus, for sealing Adoption in His blood,

God's Family, that's what we be; nevermore can Satan sling his mud.

So set alarm, rise before the Sun, and lift your arms in Praise,

Any time now He will come to take us home, just after the dead he raise.


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